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What is a loyalty strategy?

A customer loyalty strategy, is a rigorous planning of tactics and actions that allow the company to maintain excellent relationships with its customers, so that they regularly acquire the products or services offered.

If we broaden the horizon, we can find that a loyal customer is also a potential prescriber or evangelizer of our brand.

Why is it important to have customer loyalty strategies?


There are numerous studies carried out, which show that build customer loyalty It is much cheaper than attracting, capturing and converting a new one.

Consequently, maintaining high-value relationships and delighting customers are critical success factors for companies.

It is not just about the quality of the product or service purchased. Loyalty also requires offering an excellent after-sales experience.

In short, it is placing the customer at the center of the organization's thinking and acting.

The path to LOYALTY


Excellent customer experience

Effective communication

Reward loyalty

Feedback and Action

We help you develop your LOYALTY STRATEGY


We are one BPO company. We have an infrastructure BPO Call Center cutting-edge omnichannel, ready to help you execute your loyalty actions.

Our processes are 100% optimized to offer total scalability and traceability, adjusting to the specific needs of each of our clients.

At GD Contact Center & BPO, we have 20 years of experience in the BPO sector in Colombia, helping companies from different industries to efficiently manage their processes.

We are one company affiliated with the Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce.


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