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What is portfolio recovery?

the portfolio recovery It is one of the key processes within companies, and consists of all the actions aimed at managing payments of accounts receivable to customers.

This process includes all tasks related to collection planning and the execution of collection actions, using different contact channels with debtors.

Some of the contact channels for collection management are: Phone calls, voice messages, text messages and email, among others.

Additionally, it is very important that all these actions are designed within a plan that includes the main related metrics, so that collection management can be carried out with specific, measurable, achievable, relevant objectives and with a time estimate. clear.

Why is it important to recover your wallet?


When clients fail to pay for the goods and/or services purchased, there is an impact on the amount of money available to guarantee the development of the company's operations.

For this reason, it is very important to dedicate time to the design, review and optimization of the collection management process, since this has a direct impact on the fulfillment of the organization's objectives.



At GD Contact Center & BPO, we help you recover your wallet. We have an infrastructure BPO Call Center state-of-the-art omnichannel, operated by agents duly trained in negotiation so that the collection process is more efficient.


Our processes have been optimized to adjust our technological and human capacity to the collection objectives of your company. We have 20 years of experience, helping companies in Colombia in the collection of administrative portfolio, pre-legal portfolio, legal portfolio and punished portfolio with excellent results. Our experience includes collection management for companies such as: DirecTV, Avon Colombia, Fundación Mario Santodomingo, Marketing Personal, Pacifik, Superefectivo and Muebles Jamar, among others. 

We are one company affiliated with the Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce.

We transform DEBTS ON ASSETS

Customized collections: We create personalized strategies for your specific portfolio recovery needs.

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